Keeping Things Out of Landfills: The Cellar Sellers’ Commitment to Sustainability

Keeping Things Out of Landfills: The Cellar Sellers’ Commitment to Sustainability

At The Cellar Sellers, we pride ourselves on being more than just an online consignment store. While helping our clients declutter their homes and earn money from their items is at the heart of what we do, our commitment to sustainability and reducing waste is a core principle we uphold with unwavering dedication.

So, what happens when an item reaches its 18-month mark without being sold? Or when something accidentally breaks, rips, or tears while under our care?

You Get Paid, Regardless of the Outcome

First and foremost, we want to assure our valued clients that your trust in us doesn't go unnoticed. That's why if an item is in our storage and, unfortunately, gets damaged, you will still get paid for that item. This ensures peace of mind and reinforces the trust you place in our services.

Our Eco-Conscious Efforts

When faced with damaged items, our first instinct isn't to dispose of them. Instead, we channel our creativity and look for ways to repurpose or reclaim these items. It's a challenge we're excited about and one that yields some truly wonderful results!

For instance, clothing that might have seen better days is transformed into cozy quilts which find their way to local homeless shelters, providing warmth and comfort. Those same torn pieces can also become soft blankets for animals at our local humane society.

And it's not just clothing. Broken pottery or ceramics are given a new lease of life by our creative team, turning what was once discarded into something beautiful and functional. Glass pieces are no exception, and with a touch of creativity, they too are reborn.

Join Our Sustainable Journey

We're passionate about sustainability, but we know we can't do it all alone. That's why we're on the lookout for partnerships with local New Jersey artists and artisans. If you have an artistic flair and share our vision for a greener future, we would love to collaborate and combine forces on our repurposing and reclaiming efforts.

When you choose The Cellar Sellers, you're choosing a partner that's invested not just in your items, but in our planet's future. Together, we can make a difference—one repurposed item at a time.

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