Our eBay Presence

Selling on eBay might seem straightforward: snap a few photos, write a description, set a price, and you’re done, right? Not quite. The reality is far more intricate.

Consistently selling on eBay is tough work. Starting with zero feedback and only a couple of items, your chances of making a sale are slim. Buyers are cautious, fearing scams, and unfortunately, new sellers often fall victim to buyer scams. Buyers might threaten negative feedback for partial refunds or falsely claim an "Item Not As Described" (INAD) to receive a refund while sending back something completely different. In most cases, eBay sides with the experienced buyer, leaving new sellers at a loss unless they have comprehensive evidence to contest the claim.

But don’t let this scare you. Selling on eBay can be incredibly lucrative. It takes time, commitment, consistency, and effort to build a credible eBay business that can make consistent sales and deter scammers. With access to over 132 million active buyers worldwide, eBay offers unmatched reach, ensuring you get the best value for your items.

At The Cellar Sellers, we’ve done the hard work to establish a highly credible eBay business. We’ve sold thousands of items, from fine art to clothing, sports cards to kitchen appliances, antique rugs to enamel pins, rare sneakers to power tools. We understand how to navigate eBay and tap into its vast buyer pool. With over a 99% positive feedback rating and recognition as an eBay Top Rated Seller, selling your items through us means accessing 132 million potential buyers every day without any of the risks or headaches.

When you sell with The Cellar Sellers, we handle all disputes, returns, scam attempts, photographing, packing, storing, and shipping. You simply enjoy the profits. We assume all the risks, and you keep the rewards. It couldn’t be simpler.

Check out our eBay storefront and see why selling with The Cellar Sellers is a no-brainer.