Garage Sale Alternative

Hosting a garage sale can be daunting. Not only do you have to set up and break down each day, but you also need to price your items attractively for a local market of bargain hunters. Add to that inviting strangers to your home and handling all the marketing and advertising yourself, and it can feel like a lot of effort for minimal returns. Often, you end up donating the leftover items.

With The Cellar Sellers, there's a much easier and far more lucrative option. We handle everything from knickknacks to antiques, kitchen supplies to baby clothes, sneakers to sports cards, clothing to artwork, and everything in between. We see the value in all your items. By working with The Cellar Sellers instead of holding a garage sale, you eliminate the heavy lifting and enjoy generous profits for up to 18 months.

Our Garage Sale Alternative Service mirrors our General Consignment Services, at the same rate, but on a larger scale. The process is simple, saving you days of effort for minimal profit. Instead, spend a few hours and leave the rest to us.

Easy Collection: Gather everything you want to sell in an accessible area (such as your driveway or garage) and fill out our straightforward online form to inventory your items. During our scheduled pick-up appointment, our team will load everything for you—you don't need to lift a finger.

Professional Handling: Once we bring your items to our warehouse, our team will professionally clean, inspect, and photograph them. We’ll cross-reference your inventory report with the items received to ensure nothing is missing. We then start listing your items across our extensive network of platforms, reaching millions of potential buyers each month.

Ongoing Sales: For the next 18 months, we work tirelessly to sell everything you consigned with us. Each month, on the first, you'll receive a payout for the previous month's sales along with a detailed report highlighting what sold, where, when, and for how much. We believe in generating maximum profit for our clients, which sometimes means giving the right buyer time to find your item.

Our clients have found they generate at least 15 times the profit each and every month they work with us compared to hosting a garage sale themselves. Questions? Reach out, and one of our team members will walk you through the process in more detail.

Our Garage Sale Alternative Services are currently available only in the state of New Jersey.