Estate Services

Managing an entire estate can be overwhelming, with outdated, tedious processes that often come with a hefty price tag. Many estate service providers charge a minimum fee of up to $3,000, followed by a 50% commission on your earnings. This means they take your first $3,000 in profit and then half of what you earn thereafter. Plus, anything you don't sell either goes to the estate sale company or becomes your responsibility to manage. Local estate sales also limit your reach, forcing you to price items lower than their actual worth, and these sales usually last only a weekend. It's a stressful and costly ordeal.

At The Cellar Sellers, we offer a better, fairer, and more profitable solution. With us, there are no minimum fees. We only get paid when you get paid. Our estate services operate on a straightforward 40% commission rate, just like all our other services. Whether you make $100 or $10,000, we always take only 40%, leaving you with a 60% majority. We also work on your schedule, providing up to 18 months of selling expertise instead of a rushed two-day sale.

Choosing The Cellar Sellers means maximizing your earnings through a simple, transparent process.

Initial Walkthrough: We start with a walkthrough to help you identify items that will yield higher profits online rather than at your estate sale. We'll inventory these items and list them across our extensive network of platforms, or, if appropriate, work with auction houses like Sotheby's.

Estate Sale Preparation: Next, we'll inventory and price items for your estate sale, which will run from Friday to Sunday. We ensure every item is priced to encourage sales, as buyers dislike having to ask about prices.

Post-Sale Assistance: After your estate sale, we help you decide which items to donate and which to continue selling. We handle the donation process and provide receipts for tax write-offs. For items suitable for continued sales, we take them, inventory them, and work on selling them for up to 18 months, generating passive income for you.

    With The Cellar Sellers, you avoid minimum fees, sliding profit scales, and the stress of a limited-time local sale. Instead, you receive a comprehensive, consultative service designed to maximize your profits. We prioritize you, the customer, ensuring your items receive the time and exposure they need to achieve the highest returns.

    Have questions? Contact us, and a member of our team will gladly guide you through our process in more detail.

    *Our Estate Sale Services are currently only available in the State of New Jersey*