Our Poshmark Presence

Poshmark is a dynamic online marketplace where users can buy and sell new and secondhand clothing, accessories, home goods, and electronics. Unlike eBay or Mercari, Poshmark isn't ideal for selling everything under the sun. Some items simply don’t perform well on Poshmark because the user base isn't typically looking for those types of products.

Success on Poshmark hinges on understanding how to effectively utilize their platform to capture the attention of over 80 million registered users. With such a large user base, new sellers often struggle to grow their accounts. New users compete not only against general sellers but also with "Posh Ambassadors" and "Boutique" accounts, which are given priority listing views and are the most trusted sellers on the platform. Becoming a Boutique seller requires certification and compliance with several regulations. Becoming a Posh Ambassador requires thousands of hours of work to meet, exceed, and maintain several benchmarks set by Poshmark. It’s a symbol of trust on the platform and not something taken lightly.

We have worked tirelessly to build and maintain our "Closet" (storefront) on Poshmark and are proud to be considered one of Poshmark's "Posh Ambassadors." With consistent 5-star reviews from our buyers and over 6,800 followers watching our Closet for new and updated items every day, our exposure on the platform is massive. When you sell with us, your exposure on the platform is equally impressive.

Check out our Poshmark Closet and see why selling with The Cellar Sellers is a no-brainer.