The Fair Way Forward: Understanding The Cellar Sellers’ Fee Structure

The Fair Way Forward: Understanding The Cellar Sellers’ Fee Structure

Welcome to the wonderful world of consignment with The Cellar Sellers, where you're not just a client but a valuable member of our community. If you’ve been stashing away grandma’s attic treasures, preparing for a Spring clean, or simply looking for a transparent, trustworthy way to sell your items, you're in the right place.

But, before we dive deep into our unique approach, let's talk about the nitty-gritty: our fee structure. Sounds scary, doesn't it? But before you panic, we're here to make it crystal clear. so that you don't get that gross feeling in your stomach when you hear those words. Let's chat about how we operate and why our fee structure might just be the fairest game in town.

Before we dive into the numbers (we promise they're fun numbers!), let's give you a brief overview of why we're here. We've revolutionized the consignment space by moving everything online. But what truly sets us apart is our unrelenting drive to ensure you get the best value for your items, all the while contributing positively to the environment. The philosophy is simple: reduce waste, promote reuse, and help you earn. Win-win-win, right?

So let's dive in! (finally)

We have 3 Packages that we offer our customers. 

Seller Standard Package: For Those Treasured Few

For those of you with a select few premium items that you can't just sell at a garage sale, we've got the Seller Standard package tailored just for you:

  • Item Value: $75 or more
  • Inventory Limit: Up to 10 single items
  • Fee Structure: 60% to you, 40% to us. So for that vintage watch you sell at $100, you pocket a cool $60.

The higher cut on our side compensates for the specialized focus and effort each unique item demands. While this might sound a tad on the higher side, rest assured, it's still a better deal than most out there. With many services going for a 50/50 or even 40/60 split, our 60/40 ensures you stay ahead.

Seller Deluxe Package: Ideal for Life's Big Transitions

Moving homes? Embracing the minimalist lifestyle? This one's for you.

  • Item Value: Any
  • Inventory Limit: More than 10 single items
  • Fee Structure: A 70/30 split, with a handsome 70% going right into your wallet.
    • Calculation Basis: Rolling 30-day sales total after platform fees, with us handling the taxes.

Let's Illustrate: If in a month your items fetch $10,000, you're looking at a substantial $7,000, with us taking $3,000. And remember, we manage everything from listing to delivery. It's like having your cake, eating it, and then getting paid for it!

Cellar Seller Package: For the Passionate Collector

Ah, the enthusiastic collectors (or those that recognize they're 2 steps away from being featured on the tv show Hoarders) who adore sourcing (maybe a little too much) but aren't fans of the selling process (who has time to manage a spreadsheet??). We see you. We used to be you. We've got you.

  • Item Value: An average item value of $25 or more is required
  • Inventory Limit: You must maintain an average of at least 25 items.
  • Fee Structure: An enticing 80/20 split. That's right, 80% for you.
    • Calculation Basis: Rolling 30-day sales, post-platform fees.

For collectors who occasionally find themselves in organizational chaos, this package offers a streamlined way to earn and declutter simultaneously. Imagine selling a range of items over a month, from a $1 baseball card to a vintage suit worth $300. Instead of splitting every individual sale, we aggregate the total. So, if in a month you rack up $10,000 in sales (after taxes and platform fees), you keep a whopping $8,000, while we take $2,000 - and remember, we're doing all the heavy lifting for you!

The Questionable World of Consignment

Now, not to name names, but there are certain entities in the consignment world that adopt practices we find, to put it mildly, questionable.

Here Are Some Of Their Gimmicks:

  1. $1 Start Auctions: A tantalizing method to attract buyers but a pitfall for sellers. When your valued item starts at $1, it's already devalued from the get-go.
  2. The Cap Trap: Items selling for under a certain amount (the cap as they say)? Say your item sells for $30 or less? Kiss your profits goodbye with these vendors. They keep it. All of it. 
  3. Constrained Audiences: Limiting sales to only their platform, or only selling exclusively on a 3rd party platform, severely restricts the exposure your items get. With a limited timeframe auctions for every item, your treasures hardly get the spotlight they deserve. Let's face it, some things just take longer to sell then others, it doesn't mean they're worth less.

In stark contrast, we prioritize your interests. Our fee structure is designed to ensure that while we sustain our business, you walk away feeling rewarded and recognized.

Navigating the world of consignment can sometimes feel like wandering in a labyrinth. Confusing fee structures, hidden costs, and often feeling like you're not getting your money's worth. We've designed The Cellar Sellers with one guiding principle: transparency. Our fee structures are straightforward, fair, and always put you, our esteemed client, first.

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