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Vintage 1988 Topps Coin #28 Terry Steinbach - Oakland A's MLB

Vintage 1988 Topps Coin #28 Terry Steinbach - Oakland A's MLB

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⚾ Step Back in Time with Topps! ⚾
Capture a piece of baseball history with this 1988 Topps coin featuring the illustrious Oakland A's player, Terry Steinbach. A vintage treasure for enthusiasts, this coin is a standout commemorative of the era and the player's legacy.

Key Highlights:

* Iconic Player Portrait: The coin showcases a lifelike portrait of Terry Steinbach, complete in his distinctive A's hat and uniform, a testament to his memorable tenure with the Oakland Athletics.

* Detailed Back: Flip the coin to reveal Steinbach's name and select career stats, encapsulating his baseball journey and accomplishments.

* Superb Condition: For a piece from 1988, this coin is in remarkable shape. It's been well-preserved, ensuring the intricate details remain prominent and the shine undiminished.

* Authentic Topps Merchandise: As part of the respected Topps brand, this metal coin assures quality and genuine baseball memorabilia.

Elevate Your Baseball Collection:
Whether you're a dedicated Oakland A's fan, a Topps coin collector, or simply love vintage baseball items, this Terry Steinbach coin is a grand slam addition. With its pristine condition and intricate design, it's poised to be a centerpiece or conversation starter. Don't miss out on owning a tangible piece of baseball's golden era.
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